Top 5 Manly Man Laptop Bags

Top 5 Manly Man Laptop Bags

This one is not one of them. I'm more than a little embarrassed when it comes to Mr. Mod's laptop bag/tech gear/briefcase (pictured above).  It's everything it shouldn't be. It's big, bulky and made from black nylon and has a company logo on it.  No matter what, he's just the kind of guy who gravitates to the giveaway bags. (I'm getting knots in my stomach admitting this dreadful secret.) Luckily, I stumbled upon a post on My Life Scoop that features 5 Manly Laptop Bags. It pretty much covers the needs of every cool techno geek, if there is such a creature. Here we go:

#1 The Saddleback Laptop Bag:  $411.00 and guaranteed for 100 years

#2 Filson Twill Laptop Briefcase: $315.00, waterproof, rugged and roomy

#3 Roughrider Briefcase:  $112.50, made from firehose cotton trimmed with 100% cattle leather. Rough, rugged, and includes a padded laptop compartment. Worthy of a high tech Teddie Roosevelt

#4 German Boxer Backpack: $185.00 all leather, campus appropriate laptop bag. Durable and lightweight.

#5 Mulholland's Vintage Waxed Canvas Angler's Bag: $335.00 and fashioned after expert angler bags of yesteryear. Handsome, durable laptop bag for when "the outdoorsman has to go to the office or class."

I'm secretly taking his of stash of laptop bags and covers to Goodwill so he can't go backwards into that black hole of logo emblazoned trade show giveaways.

Read the entire post written by Brett, author of the manly blog, The Art of Manliness, written for My Life Scoop.



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