Make Textured Artwork out of SHIMS

Picture this: You've crossed everything off your list at the diy store; you're about to check out, and there they are. "Do I need shims?" you ask yourself. Whether you do or not, you might grab and package or two, "just in case." You bring them home and you use them or you don't. Either way, they didn't cost much, so no big deal. Sound familiar? Well, now the utilitarian after-thoughts are getting their comeuppance. 

Make Textured Artwork out  of SHIMS

HGTV shows us how to turn simple, inexpensive wood shims into textured artwork. Here's the lineup of the supplies we'd need to make one:

wood shims
medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
2” x 3” wood trim 
wood glue
dark wood stain, paintbrushes and rags
semi-gloss acrylic varnish
pin nail gun and pin nails
miter saw
circular saw

Follow this link to HGTV to see how it's done.

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