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Credit: Jack Bloom [http://www.flickr.com/photos/jack-bloom/4940837251/]
Not everyone can completely redesign their home to be 100% energy-efficient, but there are a number of products that can help us track and manage our energy consumption. These gadgets are awesome!
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The Belkin Conserve Smart Energy-Saving Power Strip is a “smart” power strip that cuts all power to devices non-energy needing devices, while continuing to supply electricity to things low-awareness devices, like DVRs. When the TV is turned off the strip knows to shut off power to other devices (DVD player, home-theater system) that are plugged into it as well, avoiding "vampire" power leakage ($30).    

Credit: Belkin Conserve Smart AV [http://www.belkin.com/conserve/smartav/]


Also from Belkin, The Conserve Insight measures the energy draw of plug-in appliances. It allows you to pin point your worst power consuming products and estimate their cost, in dollars, kilowatts, or pounds of carbon dioxide ($30).

Credit: Belkin Conserve Insight [http://www.belkin.com/conserve/insight/]


The YoGen Handheld Charger charges your cell phone, iPod or any tech toy with just the pull of a string! ($40).

Crdit: YoGen [http://www.yogenstore.com/]


This next eco gadget kills two birds with one stone! Store the energy generated by the rear wheel of your bicycle whenever you go for a ride exercise. Once the RollerGen Battery BOS is full, you can use it to power your gadgets through a couple of USB ports.  A bit pricer than the others, at $135, but worth it in coolness points.

Credit: RollerGen [http://www.rollergen.com/product.php?id=3]

Every step towards cutting energy usage is a step towards creating a smaller footprint. What do you know about that we haven't seen yet? Please let us know in the comments below.

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DesigningMom on Nov 15, 2010:

Pretty fascinating gadgets. I think I like the light bulb as a mini terraium the best though. ;^)

No really the one that uses your bike ride to power to store energy to use in other gadgets is awesome.

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