Soup Can Label = Wrapping Paper

Soup Can Label = Wrapping Paper

If you’ve found yourself with a little something to wrap for a Valentine’s gift but have no wrapping paper in the house, try using a Campbell’s soup can label.

And for those of you who think this is a stupid idea, check out the Warhol Store where you can buy 12 sheets of 20" x 30" tomato soup wrapping paper--based on Warhol's 32 Campbell's Soup Cans--for 30 bucks.

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jcarracher on Feb 16, 2007:

I always liked the  Campbell’s soup label. Looks great. You could adapt this idea to anything, too, which is what makes it cool. Part of the fun can sometimes be trying to figure out what to wrap a present with. It sort of goes along with the theme of the gift and the personality of the person getting it!

balubalu on Feb 13, 2007:

Creative, but as you wrote: Andy got this idea before you ;-)

AinshaNit on Feb 12, 2007:

pop pop pop   Andy!

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