Upholstery Before and After: Plain Green Chair

Upholstery Before and After: Plain Green Chair

If you said this green isn't that bad, I'd have to agree....until you see how Kim turned it into a showpiece.

Personally, I was relieved when animal prints went away for a while, but it's looking like people like a little touch of A. P. around them. Kim's customer brought her this upholstery grade zebra print.  Don't even think about spending money and/or time for something that's not meant for upholstery. You'll regret it. The wrapped seat, inside back and outside back make this a one day job. Kim padded up the seat a little where it had compressed and made her double welt cord cut from bias strips, which make it flexible and easy to work with. Double welt cord opposed to gimp, (I know, Pulp Fiction) gives at professionally done look. Do you like animal prints or would you opt for getting a little friction in a room using the chevron pattern, a stripe, African mud cloth, etc?

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