The Awesome/Gross Drain Claw

The Awesome/Gross Drain Claw

When the makers of The Draw Claw offered up a freebie for me to try out, I watched one of their videos and was simultaneously intrigued and seriously grossed out. Intrigued because my master bathroom's sink was experiencing slow-drain symptoms. Grossed out because I shed like a collie and KNEW the cause of the lazy drain. 

In the past, MWT has actually dismantled the trap underneath the sink to get at the hair ball clogs, which made me feel totally guilty because the ball was made up of 18" long brunette hair. NOW, the this Claw thingy, I could tackle my OWN clogs. Wonderful! (And gross.)

Okay, so the reusable and environmentally-friendly Drain Claw arrived in the mail last week. About five minutes after opening the little package I was fishin' for hair, feeling very empowered. I snaked the simple contraption past the stopper and down the drain, wiggled it around a bit and pulled. As the hair came up so did chunks in my throat. 

(Here's a vid of how to use it, courtesy of Drain Claw. 'Mom', btw, is hilarious.)

MWT stood by the whole time, watching the proceedings. Between his outbursts of chuckles at my state of grossed-out-ness, he'd encourage me, saying, "You're doing great! Keep going!" 

Gah! I did, ultimately pulling up a hair ball that rivals something my cat-child occasionally expels.

After I was finished, I flushed the pipes with about a gallon of water, which whooshed down the drain.

So was the gross-out worth it? Emphatically, yes. Although, I'd say if you have shedders in the house and spring for a Drain Claw, you'll want to use it frequently, like once a month to keep the hair clogs at bay, because it probably won't pull up a sausage-sized hair ball. Ugh. (Chunks.)

You can ask for the Drain Claw at your local hardware stores, or you can order it direct for a MEASLY $6.99. Seriously, it's a clever product that's well worth the bucks. 


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