Realistic Flameless Candles with TIMERS

Ivory Smooth Vanilla Pillars
Flameless (aka battery operated*) candles have come a long way since they came on the scene a few years back. Nowadays, they look very much like real candles, especially these candles from Enjoy Lighting. Available in a wide variety of colors, scents and timers--yes, timers--each have realistic flames, thanks to a '100,000 hour triple-LED flickering light source'.
Roasted Hazelnut Distressed Pillar, Vanilla & Hazelnut Mottled Trio, Vanilla Cashmere Distressed Pillar
If I haven't sold you yet on the idea of battery operated candles, here's three reasons why they might be a perfect addition to your home or to your Christmas shopping list:
  • Busy College kids sometimes leave in a rush for class, this is perfect for that dorm or apartment – no need to blow them out before rushing out the door!
  • Grandparents may fall asleep relaxing by candle-light.  With Enjoy this is FINE – as they are timer operated and are not dangerous!
  • Busy on-the-go parents, can enjoy candle-light all throughout the house and BABY IS SAFE – there is no risk of fire or hot wax! Same goes for PET OWNERS!
For more info about these candles and to find out where you can buy them (they're available all over the place), head on over to Enjoy Lighting.
* I use rechargeable batteries in my flameless candles. I like to use them in places, like inside cabinetry/cubbies, which is a no-no with real flame.

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