How To: Green Thanksgiving Clean Up Tips

How To: Green Thanksgiving Clean Up Tips

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for everything we have. And this year, we hope the resources of our ecosystem are at the top of everyone's list. In order to celebrate these good gifts, check out these sustainable cleanup tips, which are easy to apply to everyone's feast.

  • Your dishwasher uses about half the energy, 1/6 of the water, and way less soap than you might use during hand dishwashing. If you have lots of dishes to wash, load your dishwasher with an eco-friendly detergent and air-dry the dishes rather than heat drying them.

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  • It also is surprising how many toxins are in the products we use to “clean.” Products like Method has a good reputation as being sustainable. Inhabitat has an analysis of how "green" Method products actually are. 
  • Beware of greenwashing - many companies claim their products are “green” as a false marketing ploy. So do your research before you buy something “green.” Check out Green Seal to find credible third-party certified green products that you know you can trust!
  • Avoid plastic wrap. Most plastic wraps contain PVC, which quickly winds up in landfills and leads to harmful environmental consequences. Use containers that can be washed and reused. IF you must use something to wrap, use aluminum foil, it can be recycled. 
*Other green tips:
  • Remember to use your reusable shopping bags and purchase items with little to no packaging that can be recycled.
  • Keep your thermostat at an acceptable setting, and start a fire in your fireplace to keep warm. Try lowering the thermostat two degrees - your home will warm up with guests and a hot oven so you will conserve extra energy and you probably won't even notice the difference.

Do you have other ideas or tips for an eco-friendly clean-up? Please post them in the comments below!

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