5 Painted Staircases That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Painted Staircases That Will Blow Your Mind

...Or melt your face.  Either one.

So, we live in a townhome right now that is covered with really awesome wall-to-wall carpeting.  And by "awesome" I mean "nasty".  We have a staircase that's covered in this unfortunate material as well, and I've always wanted to rip it up and see what's going on under there.  In my fantasy world, it would be lovely wood in need of some minor sprucing up, which I could then go buck wild on with some colorful paint.  

created at: 10/27/2010

I was scouring the Internet for some painted staircase inspiration, and found five that really wowed me.  I love their crazy-bold use of color, especially.  (You'll soon learn that I am all about bright, bold colors and patterns in the home!)

So, I present to you five staircases that will blow your mind and/or melt your face.  Can you handle it?  On a similar note, would you ever dare to do something so colorful and unexpected with your staircase?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

created at: 10/27/2010

created at: 10/27/2010

created at: 10/27/2010

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CapreeK on Feb 24, 2012:

Ginoplusio -- Those are incredible!

ginoplusio on Feb 24, 2012:

There are also the illusion optics stairs of Felice Varini: here.

Kayla on Feb 20, 2012:

Love the last one.  Good Luck on your decision.  Old house comfy style defiently needs a paint job.

Anonymous on Feb 13, 2012:

What kind of paint do you use? I was told that I could only use paint made for stairs on my basement stairs and that paint only came in grey.

Aidel K on Jul 21, 2011:

I was just notified of a follow-up comment by email & clicked through. After a lot of thought & experimentation, I ripped out the nasty carpet on my stairs. After living with it for about a week, we decided it was too noisy. (My husband leaves the house at 5:30am, & the rest of us like to sleep) So I spent 2 days pulling out all the annoying little staples embedded in the wood, scrubbing, sanding, and painting the risers & trim. Then I cut Flor tiles to fit the stairs & taped them with double-stick carpet tape. I finished the project about 2 weeks ago, it's holding up well, and I'm really happy with the look.

Jo Lynn on Jul 21, 2011:

My daughter-in-law and I have converted my upstairs bonus room into a playroom for the grandkids. It's turned out really cute, but, NOW.....I'm ripping out that nasty carpet as soon as possible and painting each step a new, fun, bright color! Thanks for the inspiration! Yeeha!!!!!

Deese on Feb 28, 2011:

I haven't painted my stairs yet. The kitchen took much longer than planned! I think we are leaning toward hot pink and lime green and bright yellow. My partner and I have these awesome Hair vinyl record sleaves framed and they have a lot of bright colors we plan to hang them on the wall along the stairs. We havent figured out how to do the colors yet. Should they be on the kick board or the top board...?

Lulu on Feb 28, 2011:

why isn't the top step in the first picture painted yellow?

AidelK on Feb 28, 2011:

These are inspiring. I've wanted to rip up the ugly carpeting on my stairs for a few years. Two issues have slowed my decision-making. 1. How does it affect the noise level in the house? My kids run up and down the stairs all the time.  2. What are the safety considerations? Are bare stairs more slippery--inducing falls?  I'm ready for a change if I can settle these potential problems.

LittleLisa on Oct 29, 2010:

Capree, if you remember Jesse Rex from days gone by, he once told me a story of his oh-so-hip mom. He said that every few months when he got home from school, he'd open the front door to see that his mom had totally redone the staircase. She did storybook-themed, forest, jungle, bright colors, everything fun and fresh. When I saw the stairs it was an ivy pattern.

Some of those are a bit too much for me, but I can't wait to rock a yellow brick road or something awesomely colorful!

Keep up your mad tyte posts!

CapreeK on Oct 29, 2010:

Deese - Oo, yes!  Go for it!  What colors are you leaning towards?  Also, we'd love to see the final result if you do end up painting them!  :)

deese on Oct 29, 2010:

My house has the typical black step top and white base. I think it would be awesome to try to mix in some color. Thanks for the inspiration!

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