6 Places Where Land is FREE

6 Places Where Land is FREE

Yes. You read that right. There are STILL places in the U.S. where land is free. And, yes, there is a catch. You have to agree to build a house (or plop a mobile home or, sometimes, a business) on the land. The concept of giving away free land isn't new, as back in the day the government used it as a means to settle the far corners of the country. So what far corners are we talking about today? Here ya go:

  1. Marquette, Kansas will give you a lot if you agree to erect a 1,000 s.f. house upon it. If you dream of having a house with a BIG garden, the city will throw in an adjacent lot if you ask nicely.
  2. Atwood, Kansas and the surrounding environs of Herndon and McDonald are offering 4 - 110' x 130' lots for free.
  3. Elwood, Nebraska have lots available for 'a minimal fee'.
  4. Marne, Iowa is offering up some lovely lots for, yes, free.
  5. Muskegon, Michigan is giving way land to businesses who are willing to set up shop in their community. The size of the acreage depends upon how many employees the business foresees hiring. 
  6. Camden, Maine is offering up 3.5 acres for 'the right business that can create good jobs'. 

For more information about these land freebees, check out Wallet Pop. And if you have heard tell of municipalities willing to give away land, please post your findings below!

Primary pic is of charming Camden, Maine.

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Anonymous on Nov 01, 2010:

And you have to pay property tax.

DesigningMom on Oct 27, 2010:

YES! I wish I could find the picture. I know at one time I had it on my computer, but since I got the new one about two years ago I can't find anything!

DIY Maven on Oct 27, 2010:

This one??

created at: 10/27/2010

DesigningMom on Oct 27, 2010:

Oh wow Maven, that's neat. We're about forty five minutes from the Old Market now. We've lived out in the country north of Omaha, for a little over seven years now. I took one of our son's senior pictures at the Old Market in front of an awesome old wood and iron clad door.

DIY Maven on Oct 27, 2010:

Hey DM--my boo and I spent a few days in Old Market this summer. We loved it. 

DesigningMom on Oct 26, 2010:

Omaha, NE, (I used to live there) at one time sold old run down homes for a dollar with the stipulation they had to be restored and livable within the first year after ownership took place. They also had to be lived in by the buyer for a certain amount of time. I loved this idea because if encouraged older homes to be saved instead of torn down. Sad to say Omaha more often tears down historical homes/buildings than saves them.

I love the idea of towns giving land to strum up business and jobs for it's citizens. That's awesome. The land for homes is great too, but more jobs are what keep a town alive.

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