14 Ghost Stirring Renovations To Avoid

14 Ghost Stirring Renovations To Avoid

Who better than This Old House to point out what home improvements to avoid so as not to stir up the spirits that float within?  Whether it's moving an entire house, rearranging furniture, or basic home repairs, one thing is for sure, ghosts don't like change.  Whether it's a drafty old mansion or a tiny two bedroom, you know a multiple murder is putting a welcome mat out for all the tragic victims. Before jacking up the house and relocating it to the wooded lot overlooking the ravine, you better ghost bust your house, just in case.

Gaineswood, an 1861 Greek Revival in Demopolis, Alabama, is home to ghost Evelyn Carter who fell ill and died (surprise, surprise) during the frigid winter months. Homeowner and cotton magnate, Nathan Bryan Whitfield decided to just tucked her body underneath the cellar stairs until the Spring thaw. Yeah, that's not too creepy.

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