Yummy Mummy Recipe Roundup

Pumpkin "Mummy" Cupcakes

Mummies. Eat them before they eat you. And with these cute and clever mummy recipes, the task won't only be fun it'll be yummy too. 

First up (pictured above) are pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes with brown sugar meringue buttercream. Mmm.

These little guys are made out of Twinkies, frosting and M & M's, because, you know, Twinkies aren't sweet enough:


Mummy Cakes

The folks at Pillsbury offer up a  Chicken Mummy

Another from Pillsbury is an oldie but a goodie, Mummy Dogs:

This nearly life-size, and kind of disturbing, mummy is made of veggies and rice paper:

And finally, a Mummy Meat Loaf prepared by Gather and Nest:


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