Upcycled Furnishings (you can almost copy)

Upcycled Furnishings (you can almost copy)

Toronto based company  Salvage is a partnership of Steve and Renee. Like many green companies today, they take salvaged materials, wave their magic wand and create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and furnishings. The difference is that their work is simple and sophisticated at the same time. See how they combine natural, modern, rustic, urban, and best of all, functionality into their designs.

Look how simple, yet punchy, this is, a boring Queen Anne side table all dressed up in yellow with a crystal knob. DIY-able!

I love me some real bark on the side of a table.

Another good reason to take welding at The Art Center.

And...featured on Design Sponge today, a multi finish, restyled desk. See it in it's BEFORE state right here.

Steve Wallin, along with other talents, is a certified welder. He's put that together with an eye for design to create distinctive reclaimed wood and steel pieces. Renee Elliott, trained in upholstery, (a girl after my own heart) has worked in the fashion industry for the last 7 years and now runs the lifestyle blog, Eat.Live.Shop. To learn more about their venture, click here.

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