I'm Dreaming of a White ... Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, yet every year I'm overcome with the urge to make the house a little Halloweeny. The problem is, I don't love the marriage of orange and black, and blood and guts scare me.

So I went searching for something festive, yet a bit more tame: A White Halloween. Check out some of my new Halloween tabletop favorites. 


I'm Dreaming of a White ... Halloween

White Pumpkin Candles

These gorgeous candles from Pottery Barn could gather and make for a beautiful centerpiece, or they could light the path to your home on Halloween night.


created at: 10/20/2010


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White Pumpkin Toureens 
I adore these soup toureens from Macys. Add them to your centerpiece, and fill them up when the butternut squash soup is ready.


created at: 10/20/2010


White Candleholders 
Add white candleholders at staggered heights to the mix. I covet these pricey little gems from Neiman Marcus, but a trip to Goodwill and a can of spray paint will do the trick this year.


created at: 10/20/2010


Mistumata Branches
If candleholders are you're fancy, these white mitsumata branches from Crate and Barrel would achieve the element of height in a more subtle way. 


created at: 10/20/2010


Miscellaneous White Gourds
I came across these funky little gourds during an on-line search. I can't seem to find them on sale anywhere, but they would be a welcome addition to my table. Crate and Barrel has these natural colored gourds in stock. With a little white spray paint, these gems would be right at home on the tabletop.




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