DIY Fractal Chandelier & Other Cases of Fractals in Design

Last week, famed French mathematician (and father of fractal geometry) Benoît Mandelbrot passed away, and there's no question his influence reached way beyond mathematics. A few years ago we posted about a sweet DIY Fractal Chandelier:

DIY Fractal Chandelier

Jackson Pollock's famous drip paintings were done using a technique much more systematic than you might think. In fact, when some of paintings were analyzed, researchers found they contained fractal patterns they believed could be used to date and authenticate them as Pollock originals. Although the mathematical theory is disputed, the visual connection to fractals is evident:

Carl Bovil's Fractal Geometry in Architecture & Design addresses the topic of fractals in 20th century design in greater depth (might be a little too technical for the average reader, but we'll let you decide):

Fractal Geometry in Architecture & Design

Here's the most famous fractal image, the Mandelbrot Set:

Mandelbrot Set

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