Build a Hotel-Inspired Pipe Shelf

Build a Hotel-Inspired Pipe Shelf

Hardware Store Decor. Could there be anything better? I think not, especially when I see things like Michelle's gorgeous hotel-inspired plumbing pipe shelf. (That's right, I used 'plumbing' and 'gorgeous' in the same sentence.) The best part about the project is that she tells us how she made it. Here's the list of supplies:


2 - 5' x 1' Pieces of 
Baltic Birch Plywood
12 - 1/2" Galvanized 90 Degree Elbows
8 - 1/2" Galvanized "T"s
2 - 28" x 1/2" Galvanized Pipes
8 - 8" x 1/2" Galvanized Pipes (these are your shelf supports)
2 - 18" x 1/2" Galvanized Pipes
2 - 10" x 1/2" Galvanized Pipes 
4 - 12" x 1/2" Galvanized Pipes
4 - 1/2" Galvanized Flanges
1 - Can Clear Spray Sealer
Fine Grit Sandpaper
Dawn Liquid Detergent or Other Degreaser
Clear Varnish for Wood
Newspaper or Cardboard
Anchors to Suit Your Flooring and Walls

1/2" Hole Cutter
Table Saw or Hacksaw
Paint Brush
Gloves (recommended)
Eye protection (recommended)

To see how it all comes together, head on over to Re-Nest. AND for more outstanding hardware store decor how-tos, check out Curbly's new title Make It! Hardware Store Decor.


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