The Secret to Removing Old Vinyl Floor Tiles

The Secret to Removing Old Vinyl Floor Tiles

Are you living with vinyl floor tile remorse? Did you really think the faux parquet tiles would look like authentic parquet?  If you've hit rock bottom and are ready to start from scratch, here's a juicy little tip that will help you get on the road to floor recovery and remove those pesky, sticky squares that tried to dazzle you.

The secret:

dry ice

parchment or wax paper

towel or rags

putty knife

Aeray over on Instructables discovered this easy technique after "scraping, heating and using a variety of solvents".

Here's what you do:

  1. Open doors and windows-the CO2 gas from the evaporating dry ice isn't something you want to acculumulate
  2. Place piece of wax or parchment paper (2 inches larger than a tile) on top of one tile
  3. Wear insulating gloves and place a piece of dry ice on top of the covered tile

See how you finish this project up right here.


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