14 Easy Indulgences for your Home


14 Easy Indulgences for your Home

Indulgence is not exactly a word casually thrown around in tough economic times. That's why I love The Stir's 14 easy indulgences for the home; some of them don't cost much at all while others are totally free!   

  1. Fresh flowers (daisies seem to last FOREVER and they're one of the most inexpensive cut flowers you can buy; or perhaps a flowering plant, which will last longer than cut flowers too.)    
  2. Art books (a great way to add a bit of culture to your digs without spending TOO much; also, you can pick them up for next to nothing at charity book sales and such)
  3. A good candle 
  4. Wearing warm clothes straight out of the dryer (makes you feel snugly and loved!)
  5. Houseplants (no room seems 'complete' without at least one, does it?)
  6. Color (a punch here and there goes a long way)
  7. Good storage (never thought of this one before, but it's true! I feel so Martha when everything has a place and everything is in its place)
  8. White bed linens (hey, the best hotels in the world have white bed linens!)
  9. Clean closets (see number 7)
  10. Candlelight dinner (makes staying in very special!)
  11. Not worrying about resale value (also very liberating!)
  12. Good bedding (we do spend a great portion of our lives swaddled in it)
  13. Quality textiles (for the diy-ers, this isn't as costly as it might seem; we might as well construct we make out of good stuff)
  14. Nice-smelling hand soap (or foam or liquid soap)

For more info about these suggestions, head on over to The Stir.

Now it's your turn. What little indulgences do you treat yourself to at home?


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