Brizo Talked Me Into a Powder Room Makeover

Brizo Talked Me Into a Powder Room Makeover

This is what I have now, it's the BEFORE.

I've posted about other people's powder room re-dos, but now it's my turn. When I first did this powder room, I truly believed I would NEVER want to change it. The soft gray walls, black and white photos, white pedestal sink and toilet, hardwood floors and the then-so-chic shiny brass fixtures. For me, contemplating a makeover is serious business. I've been deliberating about this for the past year. Painting is one thing, but replacing what was then a big ticket faucet has held me back.

created at: 09/16/2010

That is until this past weekend when I was schooled in a new way of looking at faucets and fixtures. Yes, me, the person who believes you buy quality and keep it until it crumbles. The progressive thinkers at Brizo (they did pay for my trip to NYC, but I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it)  are working hard to change our perspective on fixtures.

So, here is what's on my drawing board.

credit:  Brizo.com[http://www.brizo.com/featuredcollections/index.html]

Or, if I really go all out, I'll replace the pedestal sink with a vessel sink. In that case, I'll need this one.

The design and technology driven Brizo brand is commited to re-teaching consumers that faucets should be viewed as an accessory in the home. Seriously, I scoffed at this notion at first. But after having a conversation with a realtor friend of mine, she confirmed that kitchen and bathrooms should most certainly be viewed as rooms you want to update often, and fixtures SHOULD be changed out at least at the seven year mark.

Now that you put it that way, I can justify moving ahead, coming up with the design that will last me another seven years, and donating my shiny brass Aladdin looking faucet to a worthy place like the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Not only that, I've got towel racks, a toilet paper fixture and the hideous light fixture to donate. (I must admit I never liked that light fixture.)

created at: 09/16/2010

created at: 09/16/2010

created at: 09/16/2010

These fixtures still function, they are just outdated in terms of bathroom design. If we decided to put our house on the market today, we would have to frantically update every one of our bathrooms. It's a proven fact that buyers pay more attention to the kitchen and bathrooms than any other rooms in the house. The rest of the house is easier to fudge. Besides, I like the idea of enjoying the updates a long the way.

And for Brizo, I'm a believer. I may have to save up for my beloved Virage, but I know that my enjoyment of that faucet will far outweigh any pleasure I would derive from saving a few hundred dollars. Finally, I get that.



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ModHomeEcTeacher on Sep 18, 2010:

Gai- I know! It's like bicyclers around here. You wonder why they're so testy when they're exercising and out in the fresh air. Reading these blogs is supposed to be uplifting and a break from the grind. I'll post about it over on ModHomeEc. Thanks for lightening the load.

Gail on Sep 17, 2010:

Anonymous commented on my blog too. Love the crankiness. Keep up the good work.

Gail on Sep 17, 2010:

Anonymous commented on my blog too. Love the crankiness. It's a fun change from the love that normally comes my way. Keep it up. Hey, why don't you even blog about it. 

ModHomeEcTeacher on Sep 16, 2010:

Thanks CK. I'm on it. That' was the easiest Int.Design consult in history. (Inexpensive too!)


Corey Klassen on Sep 16, 2010:

Hey you! per my tweet... Aladdin has seen it's day for sure. I think what would work well here is to just run with the Oil Rubbed Bronze of the Virage and update to some classically lined bath fittings from Restoration Hardware in the Dally collection, in ORB of course. Update the paint to a deeper grey with a bit of purple like Benjamin Moore AF-705 This would make a) the fixtures pop and creamy and b) you're stunning floor will jump out! Just a little push over the edge is what it needs.



Take that, Anony.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Sep 16, 2010:

Anon-I'm really sorry you feel this way. If you knew me, you'd know I never sell out. I've had a need for a while and it so happened that this opportunity to meet other bloggers and learn about faucets coincided with my faucet research. If I thought Brizo was sub-par, I would have been polite and respectful, but I would never recommend it if I didn't believe in it.  I hope you'll reconsider and continue to read Curbly. We love you.

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2010:

I've been reading your blog for awhile and wanted to post before but never have. See, I have a theory you should never "comment" anything negative.. bad chi. However, this post has put me over the edge. If you can't veil your attempt at crass commercialization better, you should just not try to disguise it at all.

For the record, it also bothers me that you copy posts from other blogs. One more thing, are pipe candleholders original at this point.

Sorry for the negative energy, take it as constructive. I'll do us both a favor and stop reading. Best of luck!

ModHomeEcTeacher on Sep 16, 2010:

Thanks KitLiz!!! I bet  you've got sinks with running water in that house of yours.

kitliz @ DIYdiva on Sep 16, 2010:

And I happen to know you'll be able to install that new faucet yourself! I love the virage. Can't wait to see in-progress pictures and the final result.

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