Top 10 DIY Food-Geek Projects

Top 10 DIY Food Geek Projects

Cooking is inherently a DIY thing, but these 10 projects kick the food-making experience up a notch....or ten.    

  1. Watch Christopher Walken throne a chicken.
  2. Make stay-at-home crispy wings.
  3. Brew your own beer and soda.
  4. Make KFC-style chicken.
  5. Make no-fuss bread without a bread maker.
  6. Use a cooler to try sous-vide-ing.
  7. Grind your own meat for a perfect burger.
  8. Build your own smoker (out of terra cotta pots [!] among other things).
  9. Make easy, nearly instant ice cream.
  10. Make your own pizza oven.

For more information about each project and links to individual tutorials, follow this jump to Lifehacker.

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