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Curbly’s Top Design Fan Club, Week 2: Child’s Play

by on Feb 8, 2007

Last night’s episode of Bravo’ TV’s Top Design was less about drama and more about design.

The Task

The ten remaining designers were each given brief bios of clients for whom they were to design a 12′ by 12′ bedroom. An added challenge was that the designers had to make the beds in their rooms. Also, their furniture budget was ‘only’ $8K, which produced much vexation among the contestants as last week’s bankroll was $50K. What is a poor designer to do?

So they were off to the PDC to memo-out (aka borrow) the furniture for their rooms. After these major pieces were decided upon, they met their clients. Ten ten year olds. Kudos to the producers of the show for throwing another great monkey into the wrench. They were then given 300 bucks (400 to Goil and Elizabeth, as they were the winners of last week’s task) to buy kid stuff at Target.

The Drama

Okay, there was a little drama. Significantly, John revealed he is HIV positive and that he was given a mega-dose of testosterone before leaving home, which could have accounted for his aggressive behavior in last week’s episode.

The trash talking was kept to a minimum as well, except Michael (who ‘pooped a brick’ in Target) did dis Erik’s pirate ship room. Also, Ryan (our new favorite to hate?) made a snarky generalization about fifty-year-old women.


The Winners and Losers

The judges deferred to the tastes of the clients to pick the winner, which–to Michael’s dismay, I’m sure–was Ryan and his pirate room. (Interesting how a theme room for an adult will get you the boot, but a pirate room for a kid will get you the win.)

And the loser, I’m afraid, was John and his pale pink and black, no-flooring, half-completed room. It’s not surprising he was asked to leave, but Jonathan did say they were judging on design, not if the room was finished.

The Summation

Low-lights of the night were Ryan’s room, designed around his client’s cat, and Michael’s ‘granny’ room, complete with an embroidered ‘Home Sweet Home’ pillow. High-lights were Goil’s rolling bed and furniture, Carissa’s end tables and desk that were built into the bed, and Matt’s black and white Hollywood room. My only concern with Matt’s room was the lights that he recessed into the wall. They looked great but screamed fire hazard.