6 Weird Things Found in Drains

6 Weird Things Found in Drains

DIY LIfe asked a professional plumber what were some of the weirdest things he's found in his clients' pipes. As DL says, they're not even that weird, they're just things that should NOT be in a drain! Here's just one of the 6. Warning: it's gross.     

Ladies, Beware...
"We had a call for a building in Manhattan. A couple had just moved into together. The boyfriend called me and said the toilet is clogged. I tried plunging it; didn't work. Then I tried snaking it; didn't work at all. So I had to take the entire toilet off the base. There was a mesh of dirty tampons and applicators stuck in the base of the toilet. I called her in to see what the problem was and she was mortified. Her boyfriend was so grossed out, he almost threw up. You can't throw your tampons in the toilet."

For the other five, head on over to DIY Life.

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