DIYable Pipe Bookshelf

DIYable Pipe Bookshelf

Roommates Jeremy and Ralph's bachelor pad is made up of a little bit of IKEA, Eames and DIY. As for the latter, some things were restored, whereas others were made, like the pipe bookshelf pictured above. It looks like the hardware store had everything they needed to make it. It's a perfect addition to their modern/rustic diggs. Via.

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Cover of Make It! Hardware Store Decor, coming soon from the Curbly Library

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Anonymous on Sep 13, 2010:

did you guys get permission from here?


Van on Sep 10, 2010:

That is...absolutely beautiful! It's a crisp, airy, and appealing storage solutiion.

bruno on Sep 08, 2010:

Ooh, that looks like it belongs in our book!

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