The Oval Office Gets a Makeover

The Oval Office Gets a Makeover

In some respects this is the granddaddy of all makeovers. Not in a 'I can't believe it's the same room' kind of way, but in a 'it's the freakin' Oval Office!' kind of way. At first glance it might not look all that different in the 'after'. It was and still is pretty beige. (Perhaps not to overpower the priceless artwork?) Anyhoo, on closer inspection we can see the sofas with the granny print have been replaced by something much more fashionable. The walls have been covered with a striped paper and the trim was re-painted as well. The most striking addition might just be the coffee table, which I hear-tell is made of American walnut and mica.

The Office has a new rug too. It was made and donated by the Scott Group and consists of 25% recycled wool. It features the Presidential seal at the center while its border contains historical quotes meaningful to President Obama. 

As far as the cost of this makeover goes, the proceeds came from money leftover from Mr. Obama's inaugural committee, which was then given to the White House Historical Association, who in turn paid the bills. And as for the total cost itself, we're told that it was about the same as previous makeovers of the Oval Office conducted under the watch of past administrations.

For more information about the makeover, including individual highlights, follow this jump to Charles and Hudson


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