Make Reusable Lunch Bags Out of a Shower Curtain

Make Reusable Lunch Bags Out of a Shower Curtain

Here's how to make new friends at work: Make them a handmade gift that will send a message about who you are, without all the words. Friendly, crafty, environmentally aware, and possibly a good cook since you bring leftovers in your groovy little lunch bag.  Buy a printed shower curtain on super-discounted sale, cut it into 1/2 yard pieces, stitch up reusable lunch bags and hand them out to your new co-workers. Tiffany from SHNHandmade shared her instructions on Ikea hacker.

Here's what she did:

To start, I took a paper lunch bag leftover from a takeout delivery and gently ripped the seams where it was fused on the side. If your bag tears, you can steam it a bit and use the blunt edge of a butter knife to help you detach the edges from each other. Leave the bottom sqaure of the bag intact.

Trace the shape of your exposed bag on your fabric and your open and flat shower liner leaving a 1/4 inch of extra fabric on all sides. You'll sew these up later with a 1/4 seam allowance. Pair up your fabric wrong sides touching where the seam was separated with the bag.

Read how to finish it up right here.

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