How to take your dorm room from lame to luxe

How to take your dorm room from lame to luxe

So, are you on campus yet? Is your dorm room looking a little bleak? Not to worry. You can turn your new digs from lame to luxe and your frown into a smile with these dorm decorating tips from Wall Pops. Let's take them in order, shall we?

created at: 08/27/2010

1. Throw Pillows: Easily add color with one or a few pillows to accent your room.  Compliment your room décor with a pop of color or one that matches your bedspread or wall art to add more life to your room.

2. Play with Lights: Dorm room lighting is normally drab and bleak.  Take the initiative to improve your surroundings and buy floor or desk lamps to add a homey touch to your living space.  Also, don’t be afraid to get adventurous and play with stringable lights.  Hanging lights over your bed, around the door or windows can create a fun and playful atmosphere.  Match your lights with the rest of your room décor and you will have a peaceful spot to hang out with friends, study or relax.


created at: 08/27/2010

 3. Use Wall Decals: Try WallPops, removable and repositionable peel and stick wall art.  With WallPops you can bring major style to your white walls. 

4. Rugs and Carpets:  To add the final homey touch to your room, use a few area rugs or a large carpet to cover those often cold dorm floors.  Use a colorful carpet to add depth to your room and transform your living space into a personalized masterpiece. 


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