Things to do with those Paint Chips. It's a shame to just throw them away!

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Handmade Detroit has created the COOLEST Valentine’s Day Wreath out of paint chips.  There’s a tutorial too.  I want one!

It got me started (here we go again) thinking about paint chips.  Interestingly enough, I was at the paint store with my friend yesterday and I was pondering those chips and thinking about things that I could make out of them.

I have cut them into hearts and put them randomly in my kitchen windows…and one lives in my SO’s wallet with a little love note on it.

Here’s a couple more links specifically to answer the question — what do I do with all these paint chips?

The couple we all know about:

Make a wallet (tutorial here)

Make a Card Holder (via Makezine)

Here's some you may not have seen yet: 

Embroider them (Via Craft Magazine)

Use them in Scrapbooking

HGTV has this tip for quilters:

Paint Chip Tip: Create your own color library with complementary paint chips available at home decorating stores. Paint chips are easy to take along when shopping for fabric.

Make a paint chip frame! (this one’s cool)

Things to do with those Paint Chips.  It's a shame to just throw them away!

Or… frame them!

Tons of ideas here.  I personally like the one where they used them to make a mosaic.

Elegant Musings used a hole punch to create amazing cards.

Mind the Craft takes it one step further and makes them into purses.  Cool.

This is cute for Valentine’s Day — a mosaic heart shaped box from frugal crafts.

How about paint chip wine glass tags?  Cute.

Use them with your kids on a Nature Hike:

Color Swatches: Cut small squares of construction paper and hook them together. Give each girl a set of color swatches to use during a walk. They should try to find something in nature to match the colors. After the walk, talk about what each person found for the different colors.

    Thanks very much to Liz for sending me this idea! She writes:

    “A variation to the construction paper color hike is to use paint chip samples from the paint store. They come in more interesting and unusual colors. It’s surprising how many shades of purple and pink are in nature!”


A Journal!  (love this one)

Something to Say made some adorable cards (scroll down to see)

Whoa.  Paint chip idea to the extreme.  Make them big and decorate!


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ZolaClaire on Oct 24, 2007:

I love paint chips and have kept a slew of them over the years.  Thanks for gathering all the great ideas - I am looking forward to trying a few!

terryswaler on Feb 09, 2007:

Thanks.  I was kind of shocked at the ideas when I started digging into the topic!  FUN!

jasimar on Feb 09, 2007:

Really good post.  Lots of ideas!  Thanks much!

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