Four Easy Stairway Makeover Ideas

Four Easy Stairway Makeover Ideas

Tear off the carpet and get busy. There's no end to the design possibilities for a bare wood stairway. Here are four easy (and I mean EASY) ideas to jazz up your stairway. Fun and graphic AFTER:

created at: 08/23/2010

How about using oars for handrails?

Paint on a bold red "carpet runner".

Stencil on the stair numbers.

See? Easy enough for a kid to do.

VIA ApartmentTherapy

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ModHomeEcTeacher on Mar 02, 2011:

Thanks Vanessa.

vanessa on Mar 02, 2011:

That paper is called 'Bindweed". You'll easily find it through Google. I know because I have been coveting it since the first time I saw that pic. Good Luck!

Cilja on Feb 28, 2011:

Ilainecourt: That wallpaper (?) you ask about looks like some fabric I have seen on Ikea. (I think)
At least, I think I've seen that pattern before.

ModHomeEcTeacher on Aug 28, 2010:

llainecourt-I wish I knew. Sorry.

llainecourt on Aug 27, 2010:

Where, oh where, can I get that Morning Glory Wallpaper???

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