6 Plants for Dorm Rooms

Lavender In Pot

I read about a disturbing trend that involves college students adopting kitties at the beginning of the school year and then abandoning them when the year is over. Yeah, don't do that. Instead, how about getting yourself--or your college-bound kid-- a nice plant? They add color and life to a drab dorm room and, in some instances, might save your life! Okay, that last one might be a stretch, but check out this list of dorm-friendly plants from Daily Green to see what I mean:

  1. Dwarf Lemon Trees. Not only will they bear fruit, thus preventing the scurvy (arrrrg!), they smell good too.
  2. Mint. Nervous test-taker? Mint will help settle your tummy before those finals.
  3. Lavender. A nice way to hide the smell of your roommate's takeout.
  4. Aloe Vera. It's a pharmacy on your windowsill!
  5. African violets. These pretty little plants will not only add color to your dorm room, they'll help eliminate airborne pollutants too.
  6. Cactus. These require the least amount of responsibility, which means they're the exact opposite of, say, raising a kitty. 

For more information on these plants and how to grow them, follow this jump to Daily Green.


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