DIY Weekend Project: Bold Dot Serving Trays

DIY Weekend Project: Bold Dot Serving Trays

I happened to come across this large red and white polka dot serving tray for $34.50 from Vitrine.com. Honestly, if you knew how many round birch laminate serving trays I've picked up throughout the years at Goodwill, you may think I'm a kook. Enough about collection addiction issues. This is a super easy DIY functional project you can start today, finish tomorrow and use on Saturday night. Here's how to make a knock off version of these.

(I'm thinking cafeteria tray here)

Step by Step

Go to Goodwill or Salvation Army and pick up a large wooden tray, round, square, rectangle or organically shaped. Buy a few to make for friends.

  • Sandpaper or pad
  • white spray primer
  • white satin finish spray paint
  • Red or blue glossy enamel paint sampler (that's all you need)
  • drinking glass or small plate with a 3" diameter
  • pencil
  • paintbrush

Here's what you do:

  1. Roughen up the finish, wipe off dust
  2. Spray with primer, let dry
  3. Spray with white satin finish spray paint, let dry
  4. Trace around the circle template forming rows and columns of barely touching circles
  5. Carefully paint the red circles while listening to some good music, let dry
  6. Put on an extra coat of red paint, where needed, let dry
  7. Sign the back of the tray
  8. Cover the entire thing with a high gloss sealer. 
  9. Load up with yummy appetizers for an end of the summer party.


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