How to Throw a Mad Men Cocktail Party


The fourth season of Mad Men is in full gear and I'm not watching it. Why? Because I started watching the series on DVD and I want to continue watching it on DVD--sans commercials and stuff. (Spoiled, huh?) I am DVRing it, but now I'm torn. Do I watch it or wait for the DVDs which will come out in like a year?! Can I wait that long!? Oh the agony! People like those over at Chic and Charming can feel me. Last year they threw a Mad Men cocktail party to celebrate the season premiere of the show. If you'd like to host such an event--and, no, you don't have to be a fan of the series, just a fan of the era--here are their excellent tips:

  1. Send out retro-looking invites. (These are darling!)
  2. Have Mad Men cued up on the DVR or DVD player, OR, for the non-MM fans, consider playing popular movies of the day. Doris Day fare comes to mind. If you'd like to leave the TV off for the party, then I'd suggest some music that'll get your 60's groove on.
  3. Plan your drink menu carefully (drinks are VERY important for such a party). Consider serving a 'punch' as well as cocktails and 'flips'.
  4. For food, think fingers, as in finger food.
  5. Set the stage by wearing a 'hostess apron' or go whole-hog and asks your guests to dress in clothing of, or reminiscent of, the period.

For more great tips, including recipe suggestions, visit Chic and Charming.


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