You may be a green hypocrite if....


You may be a green hypocrite if....

Green Daily provides a bit of a wake-up call with their 6 Signs of a Green Hypocrite. You may be one too if....

You recycle regularly but use a lot of disposables.    

You buy organic foods, but eat meat at every meal.

You own a hybrid but drive all over the place alone.

You built a green, but it's your second house and it's enormous.

You take eco-vacations but fly thousand of miles in first class to get there.

You use reusable grocery bags but fill them with bottled water and other highly packaged stuff.

You can read more about these signs, and why they're on the list, at Green Daily.

Now, 'fess up....in what way are you a green hypocrite? (It's okay; a lot of people fudge on this one. The important thing is to identify your hypocrisy; it's the path to change.) To be a good sport, I'll go first. Juice boxes. They're just so damn handy. Wasteful, but handy. I know, I KNOW, I KNOW


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