Rethinking Children's Rooms

kids bold room e1280112891699 Simple Decor Ideas for Children’s Rooms

If a child's room re-do is in your future, you are soooo lucky. Just think, as you plan your new decor (with munchkin's help, of course; we want to indoctrinate them early) you have permission to embrace your inner kid! Follow these tips, courtesy of Freshome, and this makeover could be one of the most fun you'll ever do:

Color: Experiment with it!

Themes: Love unicorns? Use 'em!

kids painted images e1280112959142 Simple Decor Ideas for Children’s Rooms
DIY: A kid's room is a great place to try those new DIY techniques!

Thrift: STILL not aboard the thrifting train? Now's the time to get on. It'll save you big bucks and, because you are now embracing color and diy-ing like mad, you can make just about ANYTHING look fabulous with a bit of paint.

For more hints and inspiration about decorating children's rooms, head on over to Freshome.

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