Instant Shower Makeover

Instant Shower Makeover

Good gracious. Is this the bathroom on the set of Unwrapped

(See my face turning red?) That's because it's my back bathroom!!! The previous owner of our house was IU Basketball crazy and made a poor decision to do an IU themed bathroom.  I think that's why my husband agreed to buy this house-IU Basketball, Bobby Knight era and all that. I figured out how to perform an instant makeover without spending too much time or money.  

Long story short-this bathroom is right off of the mudroom and quite frankly, it's been the dog's area for many years and it's not really seen by guests.  

created at: 08/02/2010

So, here's the deal. The bulkhead above the shower stall was too tall for a standard shower curtain, so.....I just added a nice, long strip of black fabric, installed the curtain rod way up high and the red is gone. At least from the casual walk-by. So flippin' easy and so much better.

I agree. It still needs to be gutted.

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