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Build a Modern Side Table

by on Feb 5, 2007

Square wooden garbage can next to lamp in a living room.

Build a modern, inexpensive, and very practical side table 

This plan guides you in making this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired side table from one 4×8 piece of three-quarter inch thick plywood.

This angular modern table can be used also as a storage bin, ottoman, or end table. The table can be made with a circular saw or a table saw and hold up to 150 lbs.


Width 23″
Height 23″
Length 23″

Main Tool: Table Saw or Circular Saw

FREE SHIPPING — Northern Industrial Circular Saw (Tool only) — 18 Volt, 5 1/2in.

Main Supplies

Plywood – 4′ by 8′ 3/4″ thick ~$20

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