Tip of the Day: Use Outdoor Rugs Inside

Tip of the Day: Use Outdoor Rugs Inside

We had an authentic oriental rug in our front entry for years. I couldn't help but cringe  every time guests walked in the front door with snowy or wet shoes. Exhausted from policing the foot traffic, I broke down and bought a neutral 8 x 10 patio rug from Lowes for the front hall. The best idea ever!! Now, it's time to take it up a notch.

Home Infatuation, sellers of all things beautifully outdoors and modern, got really smart by offering a HUGE selection of natural and man made rugs (in all colors, designs, and sizes) that can be used outdoors and indoors. I used to routinely check Martha Stewart's outdoor rug selection but couldn't find the variety I needed.  Now I've got something to work with.

See all the rugs offered by HI and check to see the alternative colors.

Two last points:

1. You won't be tied into that uber expensive oriental rug when you decide to change up the decor.

2. People walk through the entry way, they don't sit down in there and check out the furnishings for more than about a minute. You can go for a bold look.

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