Stop...It’s Hammer Time

Stop...It’s Hammer Time

Picture this: A caveman (or cavewoman) picks up a rock and starts to whack on something. He (or she) inadvertently invents the first hand tool, namely, the hammer.

If you’ve ever visited your local hardware store in search of the appropriate hammer for your latest DIY project, you’ll see we’ve come a long way since the rock-as-tool days. From the heavy-handed sledge to the delicate tack and everything in between, there’s a hammer for every occasion. If the selection has left you scratching your head, check out a nice primer on hammers at doityourself.com.

The hammer obsessed might even want to take a virtual tour of The Hammer Museum. Located in Haines, Alaska, the museum’s founder, Dave Pahl, has assembled a honey of a hammer collection. And to complete your hammer tutorial, visit hammernet.com for a review of "The Hammer in History", as wells as information on the care and maintenance of man's first, if not favorite, tool.

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