12 New Uses for Shower Curtains/Liners

by on Jul 23, 2010

Recycle your old clothes into shower curtains.

How many people look at a shower liner and think, ‘reusable lunch bag’? At least one. Tiffany used an IKEA NACKTEN shower liner, a half a yard of fabric, sewing machine and thread to make just that. Her pattern…a paper lunch bag. As one comment on the original how-to pointed out, liners made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) are NOT TO BE USED for this project. Liners that are made of PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) are food-safe and PCB-free. Check out the entire tute over on IKEA Hacker. 

Not in the market for a lunch bag? Check out these new uses for new or old shower curtains/liners:

  • Line cabinets and shelves with them.
  • Use them to make protective aprons.
  • Can serve as drop cloths when painting or for under high chairs.
  • Use them as picnic table and bench covers.
  • They can protect your table when cutting fabric or doing sticky crafts indoors.
  • They make great weed blockers in flower beds. 
  • Use them as tarps for items in the garage and outside such as lawn equipment and furniture.
  • Great to keep in the trunk of your car for emergencies, just in case you have to crawl underneath the undercarriage.
  • Perfect for lining the truck, especially when carrying dirty stuff like plants.
  • Excellent as moisture protection under tents, sleeping bags and such.
  • A quick cut and you can turn one into an emergency poncho!

So, can you think of any more uses for new or old shower curtains/liners? If so, please share!

This information was compiled from RD and Thrifty Fun.