How To: Make Your Own Freeze Pops at Home

How To: Make Your Own Freeze Pops at Home

Growing up, I heard these things called everything - tubepops, freeze pops, freezesicles, those long plastic popsicles in the plastic things...for some reason, we even called them "fatties." But no one ever called them "healthy," and understandably so: traditional recipes are nothing more than sugar, water, faux flavoring, and lots of chemical coloring.

But, if you've access to a vacuum food sealer - we've been drooling over this one for years - you can make your own with any fruit juice or popsicle recipe you please. The Kitchn has come up with this cool "pre-divide then fill with straws" recipe that we think is brilliant!

created at: 07/20/2010
    How to Make Popsicles with a Vacuum Sealer :: The Kitchn

Anyone have a vacuum sealer? Tell us how you use it in the comments below.

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