Un-freakin-believable Re-Upholstery Re-Vamp


This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those 'hold on to your butts' makeovers. Check it out....



Susan from Freshly Picked was the mastermind behind the stunning makeover. The total cost of the project was $560, which included the price of the couch and the upholstery class that taught her how to do such things. She's posted a 1:58 minute time-lapse vid of the entire 18-hour process on her blog as well.


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Matt_BULX on Jul 21, 2010:

Most of the reupholstery projects these days go the other direction (from clean and simple to gaudy, over-the-top prints).  This is a beautiful example.  Thanks!

elseajane on Jul 20, 2010:

Just georgous!

bruno on Jul 20, 2010:

Truly impressive. Is she for hire? You couldn't hope to buy a couch like that for under 2-3k.

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