Which DIY Projects Haven’t You Seen Before?

by on Jul 7, 2010

created at: 07/19/2010

Fellow Curblians, forgive me if these DIY decorating tips from Better Homes & Garden are mere child’s play for you. Most of the “get the look for less” projects we see all around are fairly obvious by now. It’s getting harder to discover new DIY tricks as everyone with an ounce of creativity is doing it themselves these days. The upside is that it’s challenging the old noggin’ to be more masterful. In this bedroom project, however, two simple projects caught my eye. Click over to DIY’d version to see which two you think lean towards “Ah! That’s a great idea.” Here are my picks… bedroom

Trophy lamp. I’ve got some beautiful golf trophies from my dad’s impeccable golf game. (I’m not saying he spent too much time playing golf, but when my kindergarten teacher nosily asked us what our father’s did, instead of saying he built houses, I said he played golf. Nuff said.)


It’s not my favorite color choice, but I’ve never really thought of just covering a mat in fabric. Duh! Maybe I need to spend yet more time checking out design blogs.