Cake in a Cup

cake ina cup

Let me just be the transparency here for Karen's Cake in a Cup video tutorial. Yum-O! Just when you need an itty-bitty bit of chocolatey goodness, this microwave, mix it up in a cup concoction is the perfect fix. 

Here's the recipe, but you need to click here to see Karen and a friend making it on her now defunct show, Playing House. I mean this is surely one of the answers to all of life's problems.


4 Tbsps self-rising flour

4 Tbsps sugar

2 Tbsps cocoa

1 egg

3 Tbsps vegetable oil

3 Tbsps milk

Chocolate Chips

Add dry ingredients to microwaveable ceramic mug.   Stir.  Add egg, oil and milk.  Mix well, making sure to incorporate all dry ingredients at the bottom of the cup.  Top with a couple tablespoons of chocolate chips.  Microwave on high for 3 minutes.

Via The Art of Doing Stuff


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