How To: Bungee Cord Memo Board

How To: Bungee Cord Memo Board

I've always been jealous of the flexibility of the french memo board - you can organize paper without poking holes, and include other items among the ribbons that can't normally be supported by cork boards or magnets.

But, they do have a particular aesthetic, and one that doesn't much work for my home office...or the fact that I'm a guy. But this bungee-cord take certainly solves that problem, doesn't it? It's sculptural, interesting, and, from the looks of things, seems like it will actually work!

"Photos, cards, memos, party invites -- it's good to have a place to stash these odds and ends in plain sight. That's why memo boards are so popular in kitchens and home offices. But what if you want to add a little flair to your wall without being frilly, ribbon-y, or just plain boring? It was while I was producing a story about dorm-room decorating that I came up with the idea for a fun and guy-approved memo board -- one made with bungee cords instead of ribbon! Bungee cords are colorful, elastic, and give off an air of adventure. Paired with a few curtain clips (okay, not so masculine) the result is an organizational tool with a ton of personality. Bungee cords are easy to come by -- they're available online or at home centers, hardware stores and sporting goods stores. Note that bungee cords should not be stretched more than 1.5 times their size."

See the full how-to at DIYLife

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