5 Ways to Make Colors Pop

5 Ways to Make Colors Pop

Our amigos over at GE sent along some hints on how to make the colors in our homes pop. Here're the deets:

  • Find the right balance of color. Many home design experts live and breathe by the 60-30-10 rule. That is, divide your color choices into percentages: 60 percent of the dominant color, 30 percent of the secondary color and 10 percent of the accent color. This is helpful when choosing paint, window treatments, furniture and accent décor. 
  • Organize rooms by a single hue. Rather than mixing the colors of trinkets and gizmos, decorate various rooms around the house with your favorite hue, such as blush pink or robin’s egg blue. Already spent a small fortune on this year’s MP3 player? Many gadgets now offer custom skins so you can update their look, or try dyeing plastic computer parts.
  • Highlight your favorite piece of artwork. You spent a lot of time and money picking out the perfect piece of art to fill the space on the wall, so why not really make it stand out? Use a GE Energy Smart® LED to spotlight the colors and dramatize the difference in shades.
  • Determine your color personality. Not sure whether to paint your room sizzling orange or neutral beige? Consider things like your favorite season, what qualities you bring to a friendship, your favorite flower, etc., to paint the picture of your matching hue and create a haven you’ll love coming home to.
  • Enhance beautiful exterior brick. Add a dramatic touch to bold brick on the exterior of your home with the GE Reveal® Floodlight. Use a wall washing technique called “grazing” by placing lights 6 to 8 inches away from the wall and 12 to 30 inches apart for greater emphasis and an eye-catching visual effect.


For more tips on designing with light, check out gelighting.com.

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