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How to Reupholster a Hide-a-Bed

by on Jul 12, 2010

A hide-a-bed was my first paying upholstery job. The funny thing was that I was putting a big blue plaid back on the sofa sized hide-a-bed. You can only imagine how I agonized over the plaid matching nightmare. When I met my husband, he owned this same type of Herculon plaid sofa hide-a-bed. I used to say you could drop a cheeseburger onto it and it would disappear. I mean this stuff NEVER showed the dirt. The downside was you had to live with the ugliness, unless you were willing pay an arm-and-a-leg, or tackle the reupholstery yourself. Local blogger and online bud, Beckie of Infarrantly Creative, just sent me over a fully photographed tutorial of her reupholstered hide-a-bed project.

It’s much easier to move around it when you take out the bed mechanism.


Note her attention to the the detail on the front arms and on the side. Very impressive.



See it all right here. Thanks Beckie. I’m sure loads of people will now be inspired to tackle their ugly hide-a-bed.

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