How to Make Your Own Air Conditioner

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It's HOT out there, and a lot of people are suffering because of it. Those without air conditioning in particular. If you're in this category, you'll want to keep reading. Apparently, you can MacGyver up a rudimentary air conditionerwith a fan, tubing, a water pump, twist-ties, a cooler, water and some ice. No, it probably won't cool you down as quickly as a window air conditioner, but it's better than the hot breeze coming from a fan alone. It's also incredibly energy-efficient. According to Inhabitat, who gathered their info from the US Department of Energy, 'a typical window air conditioner will use about 10 times as much electricity as a fan -- sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the size of your AC and fan.' For the entire DIY air conditioning tutorial, follow this jump to the Instructable

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