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Pottery Barn Inspired Typeface Canister Knock-Off

by on Jul 7, 2010

Last week I was perusing Pottery Barn when I spotted an ‘etc.’ Typeface Canister for the bath. I picked it up, checked the price–on sale for about 9 bucks–and put it into my shopping basket. As I continued to ogle PB’s inventory, it occurred to me that my bathrooms have tile floors. One bump and this canister was going to turn the place into a Greek restaurant. Sadly, I returned the canisterto its spot and went on my way. Then, a second thought occurred to me. I had an inexpensive wooden box at home that I had purchased at the craft store MONTHS ago that was still waiting to be pimped out. Ah yes, the box would become my PB knock-off.

This project was super simple and, as luck would have it, I had everything I needed on hand. Here’s what I used.

  • a wooden box (mine’s about 4″ in diameter)
  • ‘etc’ either pre-purchased or cut out of black paper with a paper-shaping contraption (I used my Cricut and Doodletype cartridge)
  • Mod Podge 
  • black grosgrain ribbon
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • clear polyurethane
  • craft glue
  • small paint brush

First, I painted the box with a couple of coats of white acrylic. 

created at: 07/07/2010

Then I cut out my letters and Mod Podged them into position. Here’s a hint when decoupaging black letters/paper onto a white/light surface: ‘seal’ the paper first with a coat of Mod Podge, let dry and THEN glue them onto your object. This will prevent black paper ‘dust’ from getting all over your nice light background. It will also prevent a barrage of obscenities. Just make sure to put the stuff to be sealed on a bit of wax paper when you seal it; the decoupage won’t stick to it, just the letters.

created at: 07/07/2010

A few coats of poly and then a length of grosgrain ribbon glued around the rim of the cover and ta-da.  A tile-friendly, PB inspired canister to store etc.