Modern Form Follows Function


Am I over-generalizing to say the world has two types of people, those who can sleep in dead silence, and those who sleep soundly as long as some air is moving about? I'm the latter, and my fan died in the middle of the night. Tired and desperate, I have to buy a new fan, and fast! Swizz-Style.com has an entire line of air quality controllers that


Fred, the humidifier.

prove function can be encased in modern, visually appealing form. Take the Otto, this is a  15" round, high grade steel fan surrounded in a ring frame made of sapele wood, an African wood resembling Mahogony. The warmth of the wood tone coupled with the industrial look of the steel components combine to give the fan its edgy, modern, and functional style. It has three speeds, only pulls 45 watts of power and is small enough to place on a table or cabinet. At $199.00, Otto can fill in or supplement your air conditioning to save money and energy. You'll never shop for a humidifier at Wal-Mart again after seeing Swizz-Style's line of air products. In addition to the Otto, they have humidifiers, air purifiers, and space heaters.  

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