How to Use Illusion to Add Space to Small Places


How to Use Illusion to Add Space to Small Places

No need for a master magician to help make your small place appear bigger. Just follow these tips and the illusion of space will appear.   

  1. Use light, neutral colors for interior walls and, POOF, they disappear.
  2. Use a darker hue of your primary walls on accent walls, as they'll mysteriously blend into the latter.
  3. Place mirrors in the right places and, PRESTO, rooms will look brighter and larger, and hallways longer.
  4. Multi-purpose furniture that transforms into something else is a mainstay of any small-living magic trick. Oooo....a coffee table that becomes a dining table...amazing!
  5. You don't have to use flash paper to add light to your space, you just need to maximize your natural light sources. 
  6. Much as Lance Burton hiding a dove up his sleeve, storage choices are important. Consider maximizing unconventional as well as conventional storage opportunities.

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