Turn a Pallet into a Lounge Chair

Turn a Pallet into a Lounge Chair
IMO, all pallets are waiting to be made into something beautiful, like this outdoor lounge chair for instance. Simple, yet stylish in its construction, the materials and tools to make one are minimal. Here they are:

  • Four pallets of the same size, preferably rectangular
  • One pallet slightly wider than your other pallets, more square than rectangular
  • Scrap 2x4s or pallet scraps of the 2x4 kind
  • Hammer and nails

For the entire tutorial, visit Re-Nest.

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Eric on Jan 25, 2016:

Pretty sure a preliminary visual inspection is at least a vague indicator of the condition of the wood to start out with. Like if a plank is saturated with fungus it would probably be fairly brittle and discolored. I also can't imagine that any micro-organisms would escape a good chemical stripping and staining/painting/poly. Even if there are critters left in there they sure aren't getting out

Carrie on Jan 08, 2016:

Ppl reused wood taken from old buildings and such all the time for projects I don't see pallets as being any different I personally think reusing pallets is awsome and I love seeing all the new projects :)

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